~gEoRgEtTe~ Singer-Songwriter/host/Tv personality/director/producer and actress

Host of TV show "Living the Dream" on Comcast and Uverse. I started out on the runway at age 7, and at 13 was forced to grow up fast, where my brother and I lived on our own. "I knew music was one of the things that got me through hard times and music is my therapy."

I soon realized I loved the arts, and I was encouraged to pursue this field. I performed as a kid and as an adult at events, festivals, and venues which led me to sign with a record label here in Houston called PRod by Jay who also produced Pit Bulls first Gold record. While still performing around Houston, I am always asked, “Do you have a band?” So, I went out on a search to find the musicians to form Super Tonic.

A close friend told me of musicians posting on craigslist.org where I met the members that would form Super Tonic. Its been an instant musical connection, and our creative vibe is a fit. "It’s always great to meet and work with people who are passionate about music as much as you are."